FXC – 212D
FXC – 218D

FXC – 212D / 218D laser cutting machine is newly designed for the Die – Boards production industry by New Power. If is especially suitable for cutting laminated board (<20 mm) and PVC board (<10 mm) etc.

The adoption of 200W CO2 sealed laser tube makes it a product with extremely high performance-to-cost value. It has the properties of low cost, low power consumption, long lifespan, flexibility, easy operation etc. Besides, It can also realize one-time cutting. The accuracy and the cutting effect are similar to those higher powers.

FXC – 212D / 218D laser cutting machine adopts a genuine 200W laser tube imported from the UK and U.S.A. with its perfect beam quality, conversion efficiency, long life (more than 20000hours), high vacuum sealing technology, true TEMOO mode, the reliable thermal cooling design, and excellent processing technology, FXC-212D / 218D are highly regarded to have higher performance and better quality. For the die-board production industry.

Standard Configuration:
200 W
200 W
X-axis path

1250 mm

1250 mm
Y-axis path
1250 mm
1850 mm
Positioning Precision
± 0.05 mm/m
± 0.05 mm/m
Max. speed of position
10 m / min
10 m / min
Control System
Motion card / NC
Motion card / NC
Transmission System
Ball-screw & Linear Guide
Ball-screw & Linear Guide
Driving System
3 axial servo
3 axial servo
Optical System
Moving Structure
Chiller System
High Accuracy Chiller
High Accuracy Chiller
Overall dimensions
2250 mm x 2300 mm x 1400 mm
5200 mm x 2100 mm x 1300 mm
700 KG
1700 KG
Power Supply
220V / 50HZ / 20A
380V / 50HZ / 30A
Cutting Capability
18-20 mm
Mild steel
< 2 mm
Stainless steel
< 1.5 mm
30-40 mm
Our other products :
FXC-A series of Acrylic laser cutting machine.
FXC-M series of thin metal board laser cutting machine.
Imported laser tube optional :
100W / 200W / 300W / 400W / 500W / 700W

Work size available: 1250mm x 1250mm
                                     1250mm x 1850mm
Servo system from
Laser Cutting head
Thimble Table
Precision Ball-screw &
Linear Guide
Very low power consumption, Instant available, No starting fee.
Excellent production technology ensuring high accuracy and performance
Professional cutting head
Auto – focusing system
Servo system imported from Mitsubishi / Panasonic from Japan
Ball Screw & Linear guide imported from Germany
Thimble table providing a strong rigid structure for high quality & accurate cut.
Special blowing system that effectively removes smokes and dusts
Smaller size & less room
Small investment & Big profitable

Optional :
Air Compressor

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